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The Retail and F&B landscape is evolving and businesses are pressured to have omnichannel strategy for sales, be it e-commerce, partnership or even E-Customer engagement. Are you ready?

Retail Strategies in today's world

Millennials’ decades in the spotlight are coming to a close. Gen Z is the new segment for rising brands and apps to capture loyalty. And Gen Z, unlike their millennial counterparts, differ from their consumer predecessors.

The ability to touch and try on a product before purchase is less and less of a concern. Instead, brand coverage, social media presence and overall lifestyle affinity wins Gen Z from their one-click purchase on E-Commerce platforms or through the newest drop app. 

Multi-channel retailing  means a company sells in multiple online channels (e.g. a web store, marketplaces, and social media). Omni-channel refers to retailers with both a physical and digital presence. It is a modern approach to commerce that focuses on designing a cohesive user experience for customers at every touchpoint. This also means that businesses now requires the ability to deliver a seamless and consistent experience across channels, while factoring in the different devices that consumers are using to interact with your business.

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The FUTURE of retail is the integration of Internet and digital services with the retail network.

Charles Dunstone

Chairman of TalkTalk Telecom UK

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 Today's leading real-world retailer, Wal-Mart, uses software to power its logistics and distribution capabilities, which it has used to crush its competition. 

Marc Andreessen

Founder of Netscape, Mosaic & Opsware

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