Technology Resilience in the New Normal, post Covid-19

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As we continue to see how the Covid-19 continue to impact businesses globally, resilience and reliability of your current business technology stack is being tested like never before. Business owners must ensure that their organizations can continue to operate through this global disruption in this unprecedented time. 

Stability of critical business processes needs to be focused on to ensure the business can operate with minimal impact. How resilient is your business technology stacks is determined by your system’s ability to operate during major disruption or crisis, with little to no impact on critical business and operational process. This means preventing outages, lessening their impact and recovering quickly if any. Your business technology stack includes all applications, architecture, data, cloud, infrastructure and network. 

Operation Challenges in the New Normal

Due to operations disruption such as working from home and even change in user and consumer/client behaviors, businesses operating in the New Normal puts a great strain on their systems such as: 

Business continuity risks. Disruption in supply chain, shifts in customer touchpoints, unavailability of critical resources, and gaps in business continuity protocols.

Surges in transaction volumes. Shifts in consumer behavior such as purchasing online instead of physical or high traffic engagement through your online platforms.

Monitoring, reporting, and decision-making with real-time data. New culture promoting working from home, more online engagement and visibility over physical operations disrupted.

Workforce productivity challenges. Due to employees working remotely, associated with connectivity and security.

Security risks. Protecting your data, trade secrets and sensitive documents.

Remicle • Text and Image
Remicle • Image and Text

Identifying Technology Gaps and Addressing It

Issues that are often swept under the carpet becomes more apparent and critical today. Failing to address these gaps will make or break a company with shifts in client’s behavior and needs. Despite popular beliefs that client acquisition is the utmost priority, client’s retention is more important. 

Now is the time to take action to address systems resilience issues today and lay a foundation for the future. The leaders today and those who act quickly to address the immediate challenge will successfully navigate the crisis and emerge stronger.

                                Tips to Build a Resilient Technology Stack for Your Business

                                Flexible Digital Workplace. Quickly enable remote work culture and emphasizing on culture, technologies, communications and policies. 

                                    • Help employees adapt to working remotely like providing training how to conduct effective virtual meetings.

                                    • Deploy and invest in collaboration tools to ensure and track your organization’s efficiency.

                                    • Equip traditional desktop employees with mobile solutions, virtual desktop or even subsidize internet charges. 

                                Automate. Accelerate existing technology investments into automation to mitigate impact of systems disruption, free up human resources capacity and streamlined workforce management.

                                    • Identify and prioritize bottleneck areas within your business operations and look for alternatives such as RPA, integration or solutions to help streamline your operations.

                                    • Implement automation on high-volume tasks first.

                                    • Refocus and redirect deployment of human talent from physical touch points into high touch virtual engagements to increase response times to clients.

                                Cloud Optimization. Scale, navigate extreme surges in usages, manage risk and optimize cloud costs.

                                    • Relook into your cloud configuration. Maximize your configuration to address high surges in traffic issue and minimize downtime for critical applications and infrastructure.

                                    • Leverage on the power of cloud and flexibility of instant deployment and innovation in cloud-native solutions. 

                                    • Take advantage of cloud’s flexible pay-as-you-use model to align technology cost and drops or surges in demand. 

                                Vendor Support and Reliability. Source vendors with skilled resources and reliable SLAs to support critical in-flight services and deliver new IT projects.

                                    • Find reliable and flexible vendors to help navigate these uncertain times to maintain round the clock support and technical know-how. 

                                    • Look into increasing support packages tier with vendors to further ensure priority is given as disruption is more costly today than ever.

                                Cybersecurity. Secure your business’s data, employees’ risk and system vulnerability from others who seek to take advantage during a crisis.

                                    • Deploy Zero Trust model for multi-cloud solutions, individually owned devices and third-party technologies.

                                    • Identify security abnormalities and events early by having an active task force readily available.

                                    • Remind and train employees on cyberthreat tactics.

                                Future proofing. Apply lessons learnt from current gaps and issues and prepare a roadmap to help better prepare your business for future disruptions.

                                    • Define a long-term transformation strategy that prioritize replacements of antiquated solutions, architecture and infrastructures, highly manual processes and cybersecurity issues.

                                    • Self-fund your business transformation through small incremental programs to improve overall efficiency whilst managing operational costs and budgets.

                                    • Leverage on reliable ecosystem partners that provide more complete and scalable solutions as technology evolves quickly. 

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                                How Remicle Fits in Building A Resilient Technology Stack?

                                Web-based & True Cloud Solution. Remicle is accessible anywhere and on any device as long as your employees have internet access and a browser. This allows your business to resume operations in the quickest possible time.

                                Automation. With Remicle additional offerings such as IoT & integration with robotics with seamless data integration back into your ERP, you can automate quicker and in greater effectiveness. 

                                Unparalleled Support. Remicle has clients in over 8 countries today in different timezones and industries, this also means that our team are working 24 hours and 7 days shifts supporting all our clients to date. This allow us to respond quicker to our client's needs.

                                Cloud Reliability. Remicle hosts our client on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the largest and most extensive cloud ecosystem provider. AWS boast multiple cloud sites, billion dollars investment in security with one of the most flexibilities to suit any business needs.

                                Scalability. Remicle is currently implemented across 8 countries and more coming up. Bring your business overseas with our multi company consolidation and currency modules, comply to local tax regulations and re-design your processes to make way for business growth.

                                Cybersecurity. Remicle software runs through stress and penetration testing regularly. In addition, we leverage on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our trusted cloud provider, the largest and most extensive cloud ecosystem provider. AWS boast multiple cloud sites, billion dollars investment in security and data protection. Also, with our innovative back up strategies, you will not need to worry about malware attacks that compromise your business’s data as we will be able to back up and restore accordingly. 

                                Level Up The Resilience of Your Technology Stack Today!

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